Posters are the perfect means of promotion

When it comes to advertising or promoting events, movies, concerts or even social movements, posters work wonders. Displayed mostly on public places, they’re a good way of reaching lots of people. On the other hand, many posters are also used for mere decoration: pin them to the wall and give your room more character!

Posters are the perfect means of promotion Posters are the perfect means of promotion

Announce special events to the public

Posters were born to be the perfect means of promotion and advertising. Whether it’s a concert, a football match or the circus, you can use a poster to tell everyone what’s to come and why they shouldn’t miss out on it. With a bit of creativity, you’ll be as compelling as the best marketing professionals.

Announce special events to the public

Promote movies, TV series or streaming media

The next blockbuster is just around the corner, but do you know if people are aware of it? Posters have been used for promoting films for ages: it’s like part of their nature. Now you can do the same with your own movies or your friends’. Go grab some popcorn because your design will be the next superstar of the graphic design world.

Promote movies, TV series or streaming media

Turn them sideways and make diplomas and certificates

You can turn some designs sideways and have them in a horizontal format. Now that you see things from a different perspective, you might realize that creating diplomas, certificates and similar designs is now a possibility within reach. Make people feel proud of their achievements every time they look at their diplomas, created by you.

Turn them sideways and make diplomas and certificates

How can I design minimalist posters?

Some people have the notion of posters as something very over-elaborated, but since posters are one of the most used means of advertising something, opting for minimalism helps avoiding distractions and makes the expression less is more be actually true. When creating posters, try to keep the number of geometric shapes and text on the lower end. Additionally, Freepik has lots of posters in many different styles, including minimalist ones, so you can check them out and find inspiration.

How can I make a poster for free?

On Freepik, you’ll find millions of resources, and a great percentage of them are offered for free. We have a category dedicated to posters, so you’ll be able to search for posters easily. Since they’re available in editable formats, you can use your preferred graphics software, or our online editor, Wepik. In fact, it’s a free editor with many tools for customizing images with a few clicks.

How do I make an advertisement poster?

We are surrounded by ads all the time, so marketers need to create something that resonates with their target audience, and posters are one of their main tools. We have many poster templates and images that will help you get started in no time. Some things that you should take into account when creating posters for advertising purposes is including the name of your company and its logo, and using corporate colors.

How can I edit a poster on Freepik?

You will find inspiration for sure thanks to hundreds of poster templates available on Freepik. You can download them and then use your preferred graphics software to edit them, or you can use Wepik, our free-to-use online editor.